Sunday, October 7, 2012

Resolution. (The repentant Husband.)

Jonnie Comet
27 May 1997

Remiss have I been, darling Wife,
Neglectful of our wedded life;
Resolv’d, like Chloe, [i] you cried, ‘Have done!
‘Tis all but naught!’ –‘ere race was run.

Now I, returned, repented, grieved,                                                            5
Reformed, redressed, yet not reprieved,
Requite thee but my heart, best shift,
All vows restored, one humble gift:

May all the joy of this wee flower
Remind thee of our wedding bower.                                                         10

* * * 

l. 3  - like Chloe  - Evoking ‘Chloe Resolved’, broadside ballad of John Hoadley, c.1743; in which Chloe gives up on her long-neglectful  lover and casts his flowers into the stream

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