Sunday, October 7, 2012

Old soldiers’ home.

Jonnie Comet
8 March 1997

I wandered in one summer sweet,
Quite pleased to find the lawn so neat;
The place stone quiet, I alone
Sat down before my father’s feet. 

I told him what was on my mind,                                                                 5
And he made answer, of a kind;
Our mutual sentiments thus known,
I left refreshed, and he, resigned.

And as I strolled out ‘neath the trees,
I heard the Flag snap in the breeze;                                                          10
Some distant warbird’s [i] noble drone
Gave anxious obligations ease.

For I know well these aged men
Who served in wars’ dark horror then,
Despite all threat to breath and bone;                                                      15
Their valour e’er inspires my pen.

I owe them all a greater debt
Than humble beds can meet, and yet
Amid the grass, and trees, and stone,
Like Daddy, they abide, well-met.                                                             20

* * *

l. 11  - warbird  - affectionate nickname for a retired military airplane –JC

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  1. I am always surprised that few people recognise, from the ample context clues, what the TRUE setting of this little (true) story is.