Rationale, for The Absolutist.

  The Absolutist is intended to promote Thought.  It is not intended to incite Argument, at least to the point of debating the verb to be, as has lately been so inappropriately & diffusely done.  Rather, the point is that certain ethical & logical Truths are themselves indisputable; and it falls to the reasonable Creature to accept this, for better or for worse; and thus, having a realistic and appropriate View of the Human Condition, to go about his Life & Livelihood in a reasonable and successful Manner.  The Issues, here discussed, shall address several ordinary Facets of modern Life, endeavouring to propose how a sensible grasp of Logical Absolutes can be used to enhance the enquiring Mind’s understanding of just what makes an otherwise confusing world like it is and how it might be confronted.
  The Audience of such writing ought to range from the Elderly & Experienced, to the Young & Uninitiated; from the Powerful to the Humble; from the Divine of a Church to his Flock in the Pews. Likewise the Lost & Hopeless, especially those come to believe that the world is become nothing but Confusion & Hypocrisy, may find intellectual Relief & Hope.
  Thus with such noble Aspiration the Author shall humbly present these Articles, in the long & illustrious Tradition of the thoughtful Periodical, as exemplified by Mr Addison, Dr Swift, Sir Richard Steele, & their Like, for the Perusal of all as seek a greater Enlightenment into the Use of Reason, Logic, & Truth.


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