Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cry, cry.

Jonnie Comet 
Can you hear the mother cry; 
Cry, cry, mother; 
Baby on her back doth lie 
With some man or another. 
Baby take what mother give,                                                                       5 
Calling it initiative; 
‘Mamá, this is how I live; 
‘Bye-bye, Mother.’ 
A sixmonth: sixteen; what’s amiss? 
Fore the mirror weeping;                                                                           10 
No swimsuit will flatter this
Nature’s way is keeping. 
Rush from school to clinic free: 
‘R-U-4-8-6 for me!’ 
Doctor says, ‘Too late, you see:                                                               15   
‘Midnight, come a-creeping.’ 
Oh! –all agony, no pride, 
Heels in stirrups snaring; 
Motherhood thus nullified 
With medical paring.                                                                                   20 
Fair trade? –for but three weeks’ pain 
To avoid the peers’ disdain, 
And to wear swimsuits again 
With the boys all staring? 
Can you hear the baby coo?                                                                      25 
Cry, cry, mother; 
No; that joy’s denied, for you 
Cast away that bother. 
Now all babies’ bliss a knell 
Not of heav’n, but closer Hell;                                                                  30 
In your Purgatory dwell: 
Fie, fie, ‘Mother’! 
  * * *  

l. 14  - RU-486  - in former days, a ‘morning-after’ contraceptive pill whose  role as an inducer of abortion has been debated.  The narrator’s request for it at this point shows her lack of sense about the issue 


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