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Jonnie Comet
16 November 1996

By love subsists
All lasting grandeur, by pervading love;
That gone, we are as dust.  –WW.

What make a Marriage?  True, a union blessed
By God, ‘fore friends, in Love, with vows addressed;
A vestal Beauty, ‘trothed in blushing bloom;
A golden Band; –oh yes, a nervous Groom;
A blissful joy in seeds of Future sowing;                                                 5
Then challenges ‘mid hopes of offspring growing;
Then gentle ease at home when labours rest,
Both e’er abiding, one another’s Best.

Now you, regard not graves with sad Despair;
Nor rue a widowed life with greying hair:                                                10
‘Tis all but temp’ral.  Time cannot decay
Love joined by God and never led astray.

   For all that love, the best years doth begin
    As gates of Heav’n enclose their Souls within.

* * * 

title  - resurgam  - that which is resurrected (ref. Jane Eyre, Book One)
epigram  - By love... as dust  - Wordsworth, The Prelude, Book The Fourteenth, ll. 168-170
l. 13  - For all that love  - originally ‘Louise and Walt’s’, as the poem was published on the church bulletins for burial of the Louise Bailey Staton, the author’s grandmother, widowed two years and ten months, who passed away 16 November 1996

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