Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Widower.

Jonnie Comet
16 March 1999

from Pamela; or: Virtue Reclaimed.

Man’s not meant to live alone
To till his Soil devoid of Mate;
To know no Charms affectionate
While Life’s long river courses on.

For all Life’s fleeting Comedy,                                                                     5
In all its temp’ral Stimuli,
Not one remaining Joy have I;
Not one, save precious Memory.

Would thee, O Mem’ry, grant me Peace!
Deliv’rance full to repeal Gloom,                                                               10
From which that Sleep of dreams may come
From which the Soul might know release.

I am no good alone, you see:
My lover’s for Elysian fields
To taste what Fruit that Prospect yields                                                  15
Across the endless crystal Sea.

* * *

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